How to get 100 Google search results in single page

How to get 100 search results in every page of Google search engine?

Generally in google search results we can find only 10 results in every page. But there is an excellent option that allows 100 results in every page. To get the option you have to install an add on called as “seoquike” in Extensions of Crome or Firefox settings. It is very simple method. Go to Google and search as “seoquike for crome’ or “seoquike for Firefox”. Then install the seoquike. After completion of installation you can find the addon in browser settings – Extensions. Then check that Addon function into enable or not and go to google search page. Search any word in google search box and go to search settings at right side top and select the option “Never show instant results” and drag the curser from 10 to 100. And Save it. Thatsall your work almost done. Then check the google search, you can find 100 results in every page. For better understanding watch the YouTube video.

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