3rd Tallest National Flagpole in Andhra Pradesh

Third tallest Indian national Flagpole is located adjacent to NH5 at Eluru in Andhra Pradesh near to Vijayawada, a part of capital Amaravathi

In English there is a quotation “If we aim high and if we have a strong will power, then we can reach that and we can get help from all side“. This quote exactly matched to this incident which was done at Eluru, Head quarter of a district in Andhra Pradesh, India. Here some people desired about tallest Flagpole in India and immediately implemented the process of fund raising to pole installation adjacent to NH5 at Eluru. Now it is noticed as 3rd Tallest national Flagpole in India. The NH5 is a most trafficable highway in India with lot of commercial and other vehicles. People who are travelling in this road are surprised and continuously looking the Flag long time until going 2 to 3 km far.

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